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I feel much better than last preseason, which is why I have won

I feel much better than last preseason, which is why I have won

"I still have a bit to do, especially at the level of rhythm. In summer I trained alone in Brazil and now I have started with the ball, but I am not one hundred percent, I need to compete"reflected the Brazilian.

Andreu Plaza and Dyego, this Thursday at a press conference at the Palau | DAVID RAMÍREZ

The ‘7’ azulgrana highlighted the importance of the signing of his compatriot Daniel Shiraishi as well as an excellent player. It feels very comfortable, as if you were at home. And everyone already knows him on the track. It will give us a lot", affirmed the second Barcelona captain. 

Dyego emphasized that for Brazilian teams like Corinthians or Magnus Futsal "perhaps the Intercontinental is the most important tournament of the season and we will try to win it for the first time. As a Brazilian, it will be special for me, because it is always different to face your school".

Barça will choose to win three titles in just two and a half weeks

Barça starts preparing for the Bangkok Intercontinental Cup

Renewed until 2023, the Brazilian hopes to forget those physical problems that weighed down at the end of last year and regain his usual level that led him, among other things, to be elected best player of the 2017-18 season.

FC Barcelona has overcome with a rather placid victory against Chinese Shenzhen (4-1) in their debut in Group B of the Intercontinental Cup that began this Monday in Bangkok.

Aug 26, 2019 at 7:48 pm CEST

David rubio


National Futsal League

The Barcelona team has had Ferrao as the main protagonist of the clash with a goal that has caused the praises of Andreu Plaza. "It has a tranquility and a brutal quality to finish", has indicated the Girona.

The technician, satisfied

The Barça coach also highlighted the goal and the game that Rivillos made. "Mario has not let her bounce and it is very difficult to hook her like that. It is already at a fairly acceptable physical level. He lacks a bit of match rhythm, but I’m very happy with his work"said Plaza.

The Catalan was satisfied with the game and with his decision that the 12 intervene the same minutes. "We will play the first phase like this, with three quartets. It has cost us, but we have tried until it has been achieved. We are testing things and we are satisfied with the result", stressed the coach.

Finally, the rival on Wednesday referred. "Corinthians is the leader in the Brazilian League and that gives them the added bonus of competing every week. It will be a difficult rival, more complicated than Shenzhen"added Andreu Plaza.

The ‘magician’ Ferrao

Increasingly accustomed to being the figure, Ferrao explained how his goal of Vaseline was created with which he caused the amazement of the Bangkok Arena and a great stir on social networks.

"Whenever I turn around I have the closure stuck there, I don’t have time to think and I have to decide very quickly. This time I had a little more time, I tried it and it turned out well", highlighted the Brazilian.

Ferrao receives the ‘MVP’ award of the match | FCB

"Against Corinthians it will be very different. Currently, it may be the best team in Brazil and they will be in their best physical moment, but we are Barça and we come to win. We cannot make excuses, but think about the match and go for it", emphasized the Barcelona pivot.

"I have seen the team very well. In addition, we are all playing and this helps us a lot to avoid fatigue. Wednesday’s game will be more demanding and we hope to be well. Now we have to take advantage of the rest day to go full on Wednesday"Ferrao concluded.

The solvency of Sergio Lozano

Great protagonist of the fifth game of the last league final, Sergio Lozano once again showed his versatility by helping in defense and trying to cause imbalances in attack.

"They were aware of their limitations, removing the four foreigners, who seem terrific to me. We knew they were going to lock themselves in the back and it’s difficult to play like that, but we played a pretty serious game. There are days when you cannot play beautiful, but you have to win", said the captain of Barça.

"We are in preseason, that is a clear reality. Anyway, I see the team quite well, with enthusiasm and physically we have arrived quite well. We come to compete every day and we will see how far we can go"continued the Madrilenian.

Ferrao leads Barça in a placid debut in the Intercontinental Cup

Daniel: "I was very excited the first time Barça contacted me"

Finally, he congratulated himself on how well things are going for him, finally away from injuries. "I’m very good, trying to help the team. I feel much better than last preseason, which is why I have won. We have just started and little by little I will pick up my level"added the Blaugrana wing-closure.

Without the injured Mario Rivillos, Leandro Esquerdinha and Roger Serrano, x1bet mobile FC Barcelona Lassa achieved an epic qualification for the first Final Four of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday in Murcia on penalties.


On at 20:07 CET

David rubio

It will be played from May 3 to 5 and the current champions will have as rivals Movistar Inter, Jaén Paraíso Interior and Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarr. Although it is not official, the venue could be the Municipal Sports Pavilion of Granada, where 9,000 spectators fit.

Until now, a single match had been played and in the last one, Barça Lassa beat Jaén Paraíso Interior (4-3) in the final in Cáceres with a final goal by Aicardo.

With goal Juanjo as a hero and after an excellent match by Sergio Lozano, the Blaugrana reigned on the ElPozo court to access their third final of the course.

In chronological order, the first will be the Spanish Cup in Valencia (February 28 to March 3), in which Barça Lassa will face Jaén Paraíso Interior in the quarterfinals on March 1 at 9:15 p.m.

The winner of that match that will close the quarterfinals at La Fonteta will be awaited in the ‘semis’ the next day by the one who comes out victorious from Peñíscola RehabMedic-CA Osasuna Magna.

And the most important thing will come the last weekend of April in Kazakhstan at the spectacular Almaty Arena (about 12,000 spectators capacity) with the dispute of the Final Four of the Champions League.

Along with Barça Lassa, the champion Movistar Inter, host Kairat Almaty (former team of Leo Santana

In addition, Andreu Plaza’s men lead the league with 45 points, two more than ElPozo and three more than Inter after linking four consecutive victories.

The Barça, to the Final Four of the Champions with Juanjo like star

A stellar Juanjo puts Barça in the Final Four of the Copa del Rey

And … watch out for the weekend, as Barça Lassa will visit Peñíscola on Sunday (1:30 p.m.) without Esquerdinha, Rivillos or Serrano and at eight o’clock at night the two great Barça rivals will face each other in Torrejón: Movistar Inter and The hole.

Barça starts the final series for the fight for the league. 4 years later, the Catalans seek to lift a league title that they are looking for a new champion after the elimination of ElPozo. Both Barça and their rival today at the Palau have lost their last 4 finals they have played.


On at 17:22 CEST

Arnau montserrat

Andreu Plaza’s men arrive with the sensitive loss of Dyego who will miss this first game of the final by the LNFS due to some last-minute hamstring problems. Low very sensitive. Follow the game live with sport.es.



We are going with this man: Ferrao. He opened the can with a stratospheric goal. It has been a pleasure, greetings!

&# 128077; Final! Victory! @ FCBfutbolsala-7, @ ElPozoMurcia_FS-2✅ Barça guanya the first game and dominate the final 1-0! / Barça hits first in the final!&# 128198; Proper partit: dimarts 11/6, 9pm, Palau Blaugrana &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça pic.twitter.com/2y9my59vwV

– Barça Futbol Sala (@FCBfutbolsala) June 8, 2019


ElPozo forgave in the first minutes and Barça made him pay. Efficiency recital in five minutes where Barça went 4-0 and then set about managing the result. He took the opportunity to thrash and touch the morale of his rival in the final. First win and the title a little closer. Second episode, next Tuesday.


FINAAAAAL! Incontestable victory for Barça that takes the first win of the series. 7-2 !!


Fifth foul by ElPozo. The Palau falls in these last minutes. Few expected such superiority.


Enter Rivillos on the track! First minutes for the former Movistar. 2 and means to the end. 7-2.


From a throw-in, Barça moved the ball to perfection to place it on Esquerdinha’s leg who does not forgive. Those of Andreu Plaza unleashed. The triumph will stay in the Palau. 4 minutes to go. 7-2 !!!!




Diagonal driving by Esquerdinha, he overcame Fede with a light touch who came out desperate and with the empty goal he pushed her. The match and the first win of the series for Barça close almost with total security.




Alex’s very clear foul on Lozano when he went alone against Fede. Yellow.


Dídac’s hand is spectacular. He has not got the third Miracle Well. It remains 5-2 on the scoreboard with 9 minutes remaining in the game.


Arthuuuur! Fede stopped her … the rebooooote … AL PALO! Leo Santana … What a shame. It was the sentence.